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Simple Financial Solutions is happy to introduce this innovative product from our partner BCP Asset Management. This product offers the potential for real growth whilst guaranteeing your pension fund value.

BCP Asset Management

Recent events in investment markets have shown just how important capital security is for your Investment portfolio. The same rationale applies to Pension / ARF portfolios, which have been equally impacted by the global downturn. However, in many instances people place less emphasis on reviewing their pension holdings as they do not have access to these funds until retirement. In addition to this fund selection may be more restrictive for pension funds.

BCP Asset Management are a Capital Secure Bond Specialist who have been producing investment funds since 1992. BCP has a strong proven track record in selecting assets and manufacturing bonds which have consistently delivered returns to investors through good and bad markets. Of the 61 BCP Bonds that have matured, 53 have paid gains to investors. As such, investors have received a gain in circa 9 out of 10 Bonds.

BCP Bonds are available to Personal Pension, Executive Pension & Buy Out Bond investors. This is a very significant option to Pension investors which was not available to them in the past. Many investors unhappy with the recent poor performance of Irish Pension Funds, have decided to transfer existing Pension holdings into Capital Secure Bonds, ensuring they are well positioned to benefit from a market recovery whilst also protecting from further losses. The Pension contracts are administered by Friends First Life Assurance.

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